Mentor Arabia in Collaboration with Zain Jordan Host an Inspirational Dialogue

“Mental Health and Youth in Drama and Songs”

4 March 2024 | Events

In parallel to its Youth Empowerment Film and Song Competition 4th edition Award Ceremony, Mentor Arabia, in collaboration with Zain Jordan, hosted an inspirational dialogue entitled, “Mental Health and Youth in Drama and Songs”, on Monday 4 March, 2024 at Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) in Amman – Jordan; with esteemed panelists and celebrities from Jury members.

More than 120 esteemed guests from the art, culture, social, media, and youth communities and related entities attended the panel that focused on “Youth Wellbeing”, aiming at shedding light on the challenges facing Arab youth, celebrating their resilience, and giving them hope for a better future, through encouraging art, innovation and creativity.

The panelists included esteemed artists and industry professionals respectively: Menor Arabia CEO Thuraya Ismail, Actress Daniella Rahmeh, Director Darin Sallam, Actress Karess Bashar, Music Composer Michel Fadel, Poet Nizar Francis, Actor Qays Sheikh Najib, Director Said El Marouk, Director Sophie Boutros.

The panel was hosted by media figure, Razan Salameh, and moderated by producer, Mohamed El-Bassiouni.

Mentor Arabia CEO, Thuraya Ismail, praised the efforts of Jordanian institutions in the field of spreading awareness to prevent risky behaviors. She also highlighted the importance of joint work and cooperation between all sectors of society to support the promising young generation towards living a healthy life and having better future.

The panelists conveyed their enthusiasm for the impact of the competition affirming that they are confident that the Arab youth have distinct capabilities and will present innovative films and songs that imply significant messages and values, aimed at spreading awareness about prevention from risky behaviors and advocating for healthy lifestyles.

The competition was launched in 2017, soon enough the idea evolved into a prominent regional initiative to encourage young Arab artists to unleash their artistic talent through meaningful short films and songs, and a leading safe platform for them to voice out their aspirations and views around pressing social and humanitarian issues. That’s in partnership with more than 80 strategic partners from local, regional, and international organizations and entities such as IEFTA and Sundance Film Festival; as well as a number of media entities, universities, academies, and private companies.



Mentor Arabia is a regional non-governmental &non-profit foundation founded in 2006, which envisions an Arab world where children and youth are empowered to lead healthy lives and make sound decisions. It is chaired by HRH Prince Turki Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, and it is a branch of Mentor International, founded in 1994 and headed by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden; which includes Mentor USA, Mentor Sweden, Mentor Germany, Mentor Latvia, and Mentor Jordan.