Career Experience

About the Program

Career Experience Program bridges the gap between education and professional life, it provides students with hands-on experiential learning opportunities at various companies for early career exposure as well as training in the soft skills needed in professional life.


  • To inspire youth toward potential careers
  • To provide soft career skills
  • To motivate youth to reflect on their interests, strengths & hopes
  • To offer transferable skills for finding and excelling in a job



  1. Career Choice process
  2. Decision Making
  3. Different Professions and Industries
  4. Paths to success
  5. Your Interests, strengths, and hopes
  1. Partner with governmental entities and local actors
  2. Conduct training workshop targeting 3 main modules: Risky behaviors prevention, Life Skills, and Training skills
  3. Monitor and Evaluate the program
  4. Document lessons learned and disseminate knowledge
  • Youth Mentees
  • Professional Mentors
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • On ground
  • 10 Weeks
  • 5 sessions
  • 60 to 90 minutes per session
  • 20 to 25 participants per session