About the Program

The Introduction to Evidence-Based Prevention (INEP+) is an online course that was developed by ISSUP and Charles University in Prague. It introduces key principles of Evidence-Based substance use prevention


  • To introduce participants to the most up-to-date knowledge and key concepts in the field of the prevention of addictive behaviors.
  • To instruct participants in the responsible conduct of prevention activities in any environment where risk-behaviors are present.
  • To enable participants to concentrate on preventing problems related to addictive behaviors


Practitioners and Students

  1. Psychoactive substance epidemiology and targeting problem population
  2. Prevention science and evidence-based prevention and policies
  3. Family-based prevention and intervention
  4. School-based prevention
  5. Workplace-based prevention
  6. Community-based prevention implementation system
  7. Evaluation and monitoring
  8. Environment-based prevention
  9. Media-based prevention
  1. Partner with governmental entities and local actors
  2. Outreach participants from universities and CBOs
  3. Implement 12 sessions by the facilitators
  4. Provide 12 online self-learning resources for the participants
  5. Conduct weekly face-to-face or virtual meetings for sharing, discussion, and learning
  6. Monitor and Evaluate the program
  7. Document lessons learned and disseminate knowledge
  • Practitioners
  • Students interested in the field of prevention
  • Training setting
  • On ground
  • Online
  • 6 to 12 Weeks
  • 12 sessions
  • 60 minutes per session with self-learning resources
  • 20 participants per session