Mentor Arabia’s Youth-Centric Charity Dinner

19 December 2023 | Events

Mentor Arabia held its charity dinner in Beirut on December 19, 2023, with the presence of 300 guests who gathered to support its work in empowering children and youth. The event aimed to bolster the foundation’s efforts in enhancing the capabilities of young individuals to prevent them from risky behaviors and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Mrs. Thuraya Ismail, Board Member and CEO of Mentor Arabia, presented a fifteen-year journey of dedication and commitment towards achieving the foundation’s mission. This mission revolves around providing opportunities for a healthy and sound life for children and youth by equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to confront various forms of risky behaviors and challenges they might face.

Thuraya Ismail's speech in La Scene at Mentor Arabia's Charity Dinner

Mrs. Ismail emphasized Mentor Arabia’s message, stating, “The essence of everything we do is to make a positive impact on the lives of children and youth through our awareness programs and effective partnerships with governments, local entities, the private sector, international organizations, media institutions, academia, and others.”

The event was hosted by Mrs. Mariana Wehbe, featuring live performances by musician Michel Fadel and artist Abu, accompanied by the La Scene choir.

Under the slogan “#MelodiesOfYouthEmpowerment,” individuals, private companies, and the media collaborated to serve a common cause – empowering children and youth to protect themselves from risky behaviors.

Mentor Arabia expresses gratitude to all contributors to the success of the event, the proceeds of which will support the implementation of its awareness and preventive programs and projects in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Mentor Arabia's Charity Dinner in La Scene - 2023