Mentor Arabia Foundation partners with the Child Care Association in Saudi Arabia

On Sunday, March 31, 2024, Mrs. Thuraya Ismail, CEO of Mentor Arabia and Board Member of Tamkeen Al Shabab, and Dr. Aljouhara Al Ajaji, Executive Director of the Child Care Association (CCA), signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2 April 2024 | News

In collaboration with Tamkeen Al Shabab and the Child Care Association, Mentor Arabia delivered a series of trainings in Riyadh in preparation for the implementation of its programs in 2024. The first training empowered a national team of five members with essential skills to effectively assist in managing the project. Additionally, a focused 5-day “Unplugged Plus” training of facilitators introduced the program’s 12 sessions and the essential facilitation techniques needed to implement it. 20 Saudi trainers are currently implementing these sessions in Riyadh schools for adolescents between 10 and 14 years old, in 2024. This was followed by another 4-day training of facilitators focusing on Mentor Arabia’s “Positive Parenting” program that will target the parents of these adolescents. Both trainings concluded with hands-on simulations, ensuring the practical readiness of the facilitators for real-world scenarios.

Mrs. Thuraya Ismail, highlighted the foundation’s mission: “The idea of Mentor Arabia stemmed from recognizing the urgent need for a regional entity to empower children and youth and prevent them from risky behaviors. Mentor Arabia operates in more than 10 Arab countries, impacting the lives of approximately one million children and youth through twelve awareness and prevention programs and initiatives; in line with Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Dr. AlJouhara Al Ajaji expressed her delightful pleasure to partner with Mentor Arabia. She also highlighted that, togehter with Mentor Arabia, CCA will build a positive environment for young Saudis and empowering them to achieve their goals to become productive members in their societies.

Unplugged” is an evidence-based school program for the prevention of smoking, alcohol and drugs based on the Social Cognitive theory Model. It has shown effective results in reducing drug use among adolescents.

Unplugged Plus” is the modified version of the evidence-based program “Unplugged”. The program was updated and adapted both contextually and culturally to prevent risky behaviors among adolescents with a focus on violence protection.

Together” program targets parents of vulnerable adolescents who are at risk of using drugs through providing scientific facts and practical advice to parents based on the latest research and practice.

Mentor Arabia is a regional non-governmental & non-profit foundation founded in 2006, which envisions an Arab world where children and youth are empowered to lead healthy lives and make sound decisions.  It is chaired by HRH Prince Turki Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, and it is a branch of Mentor International, founded in 1994 and headed by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden; which includes Mentor USA, Mentor Sweden, Mentor Germany, Mentor Latvia, and Mentor Jordan. Mentor’s programs target millions of children and youth, as well as parents, educators, and social workers. Its work includes policy development, capacity building, knowledge dissemination, advocacy, and forging partnerships with reputable stakeholders.