Youth Academy Training

Ghiras - Kuwait

3 July 2023 | Programs

Mentor Arabia, in collaboration with Ghiras, successfully conducted a comprehensive training program for facilitators on the Youth Academy program in Kuwait.

Youth Academy Training - Ghiras - Kuwait - 2023 - Group Photo

The program targets adolescents between the ages of 15 and 18, focusing on empowerment and the prevention of risky behaviors, specifically drug abuse. Over the course of five days, 45 participants underwent training to equip them with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to empower adolescents in these areas.

In addition to the facilitator training, a two-day refresher training program was conducted for 18 participants who had previously completed the youth peer educator program. The purpose of this refresher training was to further develop their coaching skills so that they could effectively support and accompany the facilitators during the program’s¬†delivery.