Career Inspiration

Mentor’s Career Inspiration Program (CI) aims to introduce professionals – Career Inspiration Mentors – from diverse backgrounds, industries and jobs to young people. CI provides a platform for the participants, both young and old, to share their values; as well as their personal and professional goals in a mutual respectful, supportive way which leads to a more enriched life for both.

The CI program allows the young person to see what working in their chosen field is really like and through role modelling and identity development they are able to envision their future selves in a specific career. Providing young people with a practical image of their dream job or a job they had never envisioned is empowering and opens new opportunities.

The pandemic has not stopped youth from worrying about the future, rather the opposite. Young people are feeling more uncertain than ever before and need our support. For this reason, technology has never been more central to Mentor’s work than now.

Mentor Arabia was quick to realize that its community – most importantly youth – were feeling scared and uneasy from the pandemic, not necessarily because of a coronavirus infection but rather from a combination of many factors. The quarantine, the risk of getting infected, the fear of losing a job or a loved one weighed on people. The impact it would have on the already strained regional economy together with the continuous barrage of ever-changing information that was causing a lot of stress. The pandemic was straining every aspect of society.