3-D Brain Implementation and Discussion about Dangers of Drug Abuse


"Three-Dimensional brain" is an application that explains the influence of drugs on different areas of the brain, and thus on human behavior. It is a user-friendly application and is available in English and Arabic, that targets adolescents and young people, mainly students. The application information-rich content and language is easy to understand, although it is scientific to a large extent. The application is divided into two parts; the first part describes the healthy brain, any brain naturally without the influence of drugs, the second part describes the brain under the influence of drugs.

Mentor Arabia believes in the importance of involving young people in the process of the application development and planning, thus the organization held six focus groups in different Lebanese regions to display the application of the "three-dimensional brain" to discuss with young people to gather their views and comments and remarks about it before its release on its website. Therefore, Mentor Arabia has teamed up with partners in the private Council on Drugs in Sidon by organizing three focus groups on the implementation of "three-dimensional brain" and discussed topics related to the dangers of drugs and the importance of prevention with the participation of a number of students and young people.

Young people who participated in the focus groups in the social and preventive anti-addiction center in Sidon were chosen based on the following criteria:

• Age: 15 to 23 years old
• Gender: male and female
• Number: 43 young men and women
• Two focus groups: an hour and a half for each group
• Cultural background: different nationalities and socio-economic status